Sponsorship Levels

MOTP XXV Weekend Sponsorship
    Soaring Eagle (MOTP 25th)  $25,000: (4) Golf Teams, 4 tickets to Picnic & Jazzy Brunch, Signage at all three events
Golf Sponsorships July 14, 2017
Golf Sponsorship Level
    Golf 15th Anniversary $15,000: (2) Teams, Premium Signage, Event Book Listing
    Presidential  $5,000: (2) Teams, Event Book Listing
    Professor  $2,500: (1) Team, Event Book Listing
    Dinner  $2,000: (1) Team, Signage at Dinner Listing
    Eagle Queen  $1,000: (1) Golfer, Full Page Ad in Event Book
    Beverage Cart  $500: (1) Golfer, Sign on Beverage Cart
    Hole-in-One  $400: (2) Golfers, Sign at Greenside
    Closest-to-the-Pin  $275: (1) Golfer, Sign at Greenside
    Hole  $250: (1) Golfer, Sign on Tee
    Golf Supporter  $100: Name in Event Book
Silent Auction Sponsorship July 14 - 16, 2017
Silent Auction Sponsorship Level
    Tougaloo College Gate  $3,000: 4 Anniversary Picnic Tickets, 1 Four person Golf Team ,1 Jazzy Brunch Ticket ,Premium Signage, Full Inside Cover Page Catalog Ad
    Woodworth Chapel  $1,500: 3 Anniversary Picnic Tickets, 2 Single Golfer Ticket, Prime Tent Signage, Full Page Catalog Ad
    The Mansion  $1,000: 2 Anniversary Picnic Tickets, 1 Single Golfer Ticket, Full Page Back Cover Catalog Ad
    Hanging Moss  $250: 2 Anniversary Picnic Tickets, Table Signage, Catalog Sponsorship Listing
    The TC Bulldogs  $100: Name in Event Book
Picnic Sponsorship July 15, 2017
Picnic Sponsorship Level
    Mississippi Catfish  $10,000: Premium Signage, 10 Picnic tickets, 10 Chapel Tapestry Throws, Full Page Ad
    Top Chef  $2,000: 10 picnic tickets, 2 Chapel Tapestry Throws, Full Page Ad
    Hot Red Eagle  $1,000: 8 picnic tickets, Full Page Ad
    Cool Blue Eagle  $750: 6 picnic tickets, Full Page Ad
    Pavilion  $500: 4 picnic tickets, Full Page Ad
    Summer Breeze  $100: Name in Event Book
Jazzy Brunch Sponsorship July 16, 2017
Jazzy Brunch Sponsorship Level
    MOTP Jazzy Band  $10,000: 5 Jazzy Brunch Tickets, Premium Signage, Full Page Book Ad 
    MOTP Drummer  $1,000: 6 brunch tickets, Full Page Ad
    Jazzy Blue Eagle  $750: 4 brunch tickets, Full Page Ad 
    Jazzy Red Eagle  $500: 3 brunch tickets, Full Page Ad 
    Cool Jazz Supporter  $100: Name in Event Book  
MOTP XXV Event Book Ads
MOTPXXV Event Book Ads Levels
   Outside Back Cover     $500 
   Inside Cover     $400 
   Silver Anniversary Page     $250 
    Full Page    $100 
    Half Page    $50 
    Business Card    $25 

Forward all sponsoring and advertisement documents camera ready in PDF format to drake.regina@gmail.com
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