WATAC Scholarship

WATAC Scholarship

2016-17 WATAC Scholarship Recipients

Top row, Left to Right: Abednego Nii Adom Commey, Ms. Olexis Haymon, Maurice Antonio Whalen Jr. Front Row, Left to Right: Ms. Jamease Williams, Dr. Beverly Wade Hogan, Ms. Charmaine Kelly.

The WATAC Scholarship

The Washington DC Area Tougaloo Alumni Chapter (WATAC) Scholarship(s) will be awarded annually to deserving Tougaloo College students who preferably hold residency in Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia. Also, one scholarship will be awarded to a student who transfers from a community College. The WATAC scholarships were established to help Tougaloo students with academic expenses.>


  • Applicant must be enrolled as a full time student, 12 credit hours or more, in the fall of the academic year. High school seniors and Community College transfer students must provide proof of acceptance.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Be a high school graduate, Community College Transfer student, or  currently enrolled at Tougaloo;
  2. Must have a 2.75 GPA or above;
  3. Submit an essay (250 word essay addressing the value of a college education, career objective, demonstrate involvement in community activities, and how their education will be benefited by receiving the WATAC Scholarship:
  4. Furnish one letter of recommendation (teacher, guidance counselor, clergy, employer, etc);
  5. Submit a copy of an official high school transcript or Tougaloo College transcript;
  6. Must have a financial need as demonstrated by a completed Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) on file in the financial aid office of Tougaloo College;
  7. Submit completed application before May 31 for the Academic year;
  8. Submit an unofficial transcript to verify Spring Semester Grades;

Only completed applications will be accepted for review (Applications must include items 3 – 8);

Scholarship History

The WATAC Scholarship Proposal was written and submitted as a draft to the WATAC membership during its January 12, 2002 meeting. Prior to the Scholarship Proposal, WATAC made and continues to make monetary contributions to Tougaloo annually.  The Scholarship Proposal with its activities and implementation time frames were approved with minor edits. At the outset there were no allocated funds for the WATAC Scholarship. Due to the limited initial budget, the first WATAC Scholarships were two $500 Book Scholarships. They were awarded to Cecil Jenkins and Chavonn Hughes during the Spring 2005 academic semester. A motion was passed to begin implementing the four $1,000 scholarships as defined in the original proposal during the 2005-2006 Academic Year. Each year the goal was to have incremental award increases per fund raising efforts.

In 2008, WATAC made a $600 contribution to the Summer 2008 Tougaloo Art Colony. The Art Colony Scholarship Award covered the registration, tuition, lodging and food for the mentoring and development of a budding student artist. In 2011, the number of WATAC scholarships increased from 4 to 6 with one being designated for an eligible Community College transfer student.

Since the inception of the WATAC Scholars Program, WATAC has directly selected and awarded 36 WATAC Scholars. Additionally over the years, WATAC has contributed over $300,000 to the Tougaloo College General Scholarship Fund.

How to Apply

Download, Complete and Submit the WATAC Scholarship Application.[WATACScholarshipApplication05222018.pdf]

WATAC Scholarship Contact:

Dr. Patricia Cole, pacolephd.associates@gmail.com

Previous Recipients

  • Academic Year 2004-2005, Chavonn Hughes and Cecil Jenkins
  • Academic Year 2005-2006, Shane Gomes and Whitney McDowell
  • Academic Year 2006-2007, Tonya Boyd-Cannon, Jacqueline Cole-Turner, Jasper Hall, Latonya Harness and Porchia Matthews
  • Academic Year 2007-2008, Brian Hughes and  Keisha Sanders
  • Academic Year 2008-2009, Corionna Branch, Earnest Ducksworth, Joshua Marks, Charity Thompson,  Tougaloo College Art Colony
  • Academic Year 2009-2010, Cierra Draine, Keith French, Brittney Robinson and Hadassah Willett
  • Academic Year 2010-2011, Sharone Bolden, Jessica Jenkins, Arrion Light and Sydnie Purchas
  • Academic Year 2011 – 2012, Xiomara Bell, Felicia Cooper, Nneamaka C. Ezekwe, Arrion P. Light, Michael Q. Taylor, Jr., Jasmine Thompson
  • Academic Year 2012 – 2013, Melissa Lynn Burton, Nneamaka C. Ezekwe, Victoria Porter, Detrice Roberts, Charden Virgil and Robin D. Williams
  • Academic Year 2013 – 2014,  Kisa Harris, Victoria Porter, Detrice Roberts, Sylvia Robinson, Ansley Scott and Charden Virgil
  • Academic Year 2014 – 2015,  Kisa Harris, Shandell Lewis, Markiea Malone, Charden Virgil, Diva Whalen, and Maurice Whalen,
  • Academic Year 2015 – 2016, Timera Brown, Acacia Cooper, Breland Crump, Quanisha Ford, Charmaine Kelly and Courtney Mangum

Outstanding Highlights of the 2016-2017 WATAC Scholars

 Abednego Nii Adom Commey  

  • Hometown: Accra, Ghana
  • Classification and Major: Sophomore, Biology/Pre-Medicine
  • Organization Affiliation: Tougaloo Ambassadors and Meritorious Scholars
  • Awards and Internships: 2016 HBCU All-Star for Tougaloo College (White House Initiative on HBCUs)

Maurice A. Whalen, Jr.  

  • Hometown:Clinton, Mississippi
  • Classification: graduating senior
  • Major: Biology
  • Awards: Jackson Heart Study Scholar; striving to become a doctor of physical therapy.

Jamease Williams  

  • Hometown:Belzoni, MS
  • Classification: Freshman
  • Major: Biology
  • Awards: SLMS Scholar; Jackson Heart Study Scholar

Charmaine Kelly  

  • Hometown:: Humphrey’s County, MS
  • Classification: Junior
  • Major: Biology
  • Awards: Humphreys County High School Class of 2015 Valedictorian
  • Presidential II Scholar; UMMC School of Nursing Freshman Early Entry
  • Alpha Lambda Delta Member
  • Overall GPA: 4.0

Olexis Haymon  

  • Hometown:Pickens, MS
  • Classification: Sophomore
  • Major: Biology-Pre Nursing
  • Affiliations: Student Government Association, Tougaloo Ambassador and Meritorious Scholar, Miss FAME, Miss Kappa Diamond
  • Awards/Fellowships: Holmes County Central High School class of 2015 Valedictorian,
  • Tougaloo College Presidential Scholar
  • Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society Member
  • Truth Initiative Fellow